Monday, August 30, 2010

Foo CO2 Planted Tank in Kuching

I finally setup my low cost CO2 planted tank in Kuching Sarawak on 26 August 2010 ! I wanted to setup one since a very long time after I watch this . I just notice that CO2 planted can be so beautiful. Without the knowledge how to setup, I drag some time to figured out and notice that there is low cost way to setup one instead of expenses alot money. Below is my first low cost CO2 planted tank, still need times to wait the plant grow.

I use 1x2 tank for my first startup and only buy dwarf hairgrass for my first CO2 tank experiment and java moss I take from my friends. Plant still very little, I hope to get more new plant in future. CO2 I use DIY method, mix yeast and sugar together. Soil I use organic soil one pack only. Cheap water filter as well.

Only the lighting is a bit more better because it is 55 watt which is consider enough for the tank size I use. I will update from time to time and see what will happen to my first trial hihi. Hope the hairgrass can grow well ! That is the most curious part I hoping for !

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