Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Natura Ecorium - stop and move to Nature Junction !

It's quite a long time I dint update here, due to busy of work and others. I would like to share my new blog with everyone, name Natura Ecorium.


Anyone who interest in looking for fish and shrimp may contact me.

016-885 9068 NE Kuching Sarawak

Monday, March 21, 2011

New PLL Light Cover

New Light Cover !! Hahaha.. happy.. seems like with alluminium foil reflects the light so much better, they tank looks more bright now. I make it like roof shape for few reason, easy make, light can focus down I think.

Now light become more bright, duno will grow more algae or can boost my hairgrass grow better or not .. wait and see :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Move away Big Bunch Wild Hair Algae ! Added Riccia Fluitans

Although the wild fussy hair algae seems like nice for me, but it is still wild lousy things, I finally clear it because it drop alot hair algae to the surface of my dwaft hairgrass.
Added new plant, Riccia Fluitans, a very little that I tie it on rocks. Hopefully it grow faster and cover the rocks then can see many nice bubble pop out from the plant and show the unique of the plant.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Remove One Plant

Today I remove one of the plant from my tank because the leaft too big and block my eyesight view for the tank.. haha.. the plant root already grow so long, dint expected. Last time only 1/8 of it nia.

After remove if feel its look better.. :D hopefully the hairgrass can grow full over there then will look nicer.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Shrimp Like Spinach !

latest update of my 2ft tank after few month..
middle green stick use to press my spinach leaf to ground of the tank so it wont float.
Back view of my aquarium hihi

notice my tiny shrimp? hopefully it is malaya shrimp baby :D it same size like snail !
*it is not malaya.. is Neocaridina Heteropoda
see my cherry shrimp enjoy eating spinach ! :D
hope they eat fat and get more baby soon

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Saw 3 Tiny Shrimp !

This is how my tank look like after few month.. added taiyo canister filter, hopefully can make my tank water quality better.. anyway today my otto just dead.. duno why.

Something I notice is my so call "malayan shrimp" by my friends is quite interesting. Below photo is take on november, when I first brought it, it was kinda no colour and with egg at stomach. After that it turn into black and brown strip at body.

In december after egg gone, the body turn mostly brown ki. This the only shrimp act more special. My other 7 Cherry Shrimp are doing quite good I think cause some got pregnant already haha. Hopefully can see baby next month or end of the month.

Below this photo got tiny shrimp ! I dont know it is cherry baby or melayan shrimp baby, hopefully it is melayan shrimp one cause cherry alot place got already haha. And actually I notice got 3 baby shrimp.. hopefully got more hiding and I dint saw it. Notice the middle photo got one black rock, the tiny shrimp are just there without colour. Need zoom only can notice I think :D

Keeping planted tank is fun ! Hopefully got budget to start new tank and scape my tank to better looking with more plant !